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About Us

My name is Averi Woodward and my husband is a professional arborist and tree trimmer with years of experience in trimming them into natural artforms.  I started this business to mobilize him and his vast network of professional tree contractors to offer Denver the best possible tree service in the area.  We do more than your average tree service, paying special attention to clean up after our jobs and making cuts that are optimal for tree health and your aesthetic desires.  Want your trees trimmed right?   Fast reliable service?  Site left clean?  Call us we are your tree trimming specialists!

Averi Woodward

Averi Woodward is the owner of High Tie Trimming Service with an extensive background in small business management, accounting, and the day to day management of multiple independent professional tree trimmers.  Raised in Denver, she is well known for her attention to detail and paying careful attention to her customer's needs.  During peak season it's not uncommon for her to work around the clock, to make sure every client gets the attention they deserve.  In the off season, she continues her commitment to the customer by offering specials to cultivate clients that come back year after year for their tree care needs.  Always a phone call or text away you can count on Averi to get you fast estimates, fair pricing and to ensure that you are satisfied with the work her crews perform.  As a woman-owned and fully insured entrepreneur, you can trust that you will receive the extra attention you don't typically find in commercial tree trimming services.

Call Today 303-356-3010

Eric Woodward

Eric Woodward is a truly professional tree man who has dedicated his life to the single purpose of being the best tree climber in the Denver area.  Watching his skills when climbing and trimming trees is akin to watching performers on a highwire at the circus.  Great climbing skills and command of his specialized saws and tools are what is required to get good, clean professional cuts that don't stress the trees or your budget.  

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